How to estimate shipping price and make a delivery offer

Making attractive delivery offers is key to getting more orders and making money at Parcl. You may make shipping offers on all orders available to you, or you may wait for shoppers to send you their requests. The instructions below were created to help you make competitive delivery offers.

Make sure the items are not prohibited or restricted for international shipping

Every delivery request contains three essential sections of information: package origin and destination countries, description of package contents and any additional services ordered. Click on the product link and take a look at the product ordered. You need to make sure the items are allowed for shipping from your country and imported to the shopper’s country without any restrictions. Usually shipping companies give detailed information on international shipping restrictions on their websites.

Calculate shipping time and cost

First you will need to make sure you have the following information for calculating the shipping fee:

  1. shopper’s country and city or ZIP code;
  2. items value (total price of all items specified in the order);
  3. package weight (specified in the order or on the product page);
  4. package size (item dimensions are usually available on the store’s website).

Next, go to the shipping company’s website and find the shipping price calculator. The section is usually named something like this: “Get prices”, “Calculate time and cost”, “Calculate shipping price”, “Tariff calculator”, etc. Fill out the calculator form using the order details you have. To give your shopper a few options, try calculating the shipping cost on several different shippers’ websites. Here are links to the most popular carriers’ shipping calculators:

If you’re not sure about an item’s size or weight, you may use our Approximate weight of goods guide or google the information you need using the following search patterns:

  • ‘[item] size’ or ‘[item] dimensions’ (e.g. ‘iphone box size’);
  • ‘[item] weight’ (e.g. ‘asus laptop weight’)
  • ‘how much does [item] weigh’, etc.

If there’s no information available on the Internet, you may ask the shopper or the seller directly.

Having put together your estimates of shipping price and time, go to the order page, click on ‘Make offer’ if the request was sent to you by the shopper privately (A) or ‘offer delivery’ if it’s a public request (B):

In the ‘Shipping’ section you will see the carriers and shipping methods you specified when registering your account. Select the carriers and shipping methods and enter shipping price and time next to each method you selected.

Specify your additional service costs, i.e. your fees

Here you need to specify how much money you want for your services. On the offer submission page you will see the list of services requested by the shopper. Service cost fields are prefilled with the default additional service prices you specified when completing your profile. You may edit them as you wish.

Depending on how much time and effort you may put into providing each service, estimate the cost of each service ordered. For example, ‘Contents check’ service usually takes no more than 10 minutes, whereas ‘Additional packaging’ requires packing materials, time and effort.

Consider additional fees

There are several types of additional fees that may come up during order processing: domestic shipping fee (when the store doesn’t offer free shipping to your address), cost of packaging materials, shipping company’s package handling fee, etc.

Be sure to verify all potential fees prior to submitting your offer, because otherwise if any unforeseen expenses occur, you’ll need to discuss them with the shopper directly or cover them at your own expense.

Specify additional shipping details if any

Every offer comes with a text field, which means that you can provide any shipping related details or just say hi and introduce yourself to the shopper.

Submit your delivery offer

Once you complete every field in the offer form, double-check to make sure everything is correct and click on ‘Send offer’. You will be able to edit the offer anytime up until the shopper accepts it.

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