How to operate both as a forwarder and a shopper

Anyone is eligible to offer shipping services and request delivery at Parcl. However, in order to operate both as a forwarder and a shopper, you will need to register two separate accounts using two different email addresses.

There are two ways you may register a shopper account:

  1. Click here to register a shopper account. Once you fill in the required information, set up an account password and read carefully the Terms & Conditions document, click the ‘Create a free account’ button. After that you will be logged in to your shopper account. You will be able to create delivery requests right away.
  2. Log out of your forwarder account. Open a delivery request creation form and fill in the delivery details. At the end of the request creation process you will be offered to register a new shopper account. The difference with this method is that your account password will be generated automatically and sent to your email address once you finalize the order creation process.

In both cases make sure you use an email address different from the one you used to register your forwarder account. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding your Parcl account or order processing.

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