Parcl Achievements

To reward you for reaching a certain place within the Parcl community, we designed a system of Parcl Achievement awards. You get trophies for meeting certain conditions, and your awards are permanently displayed on your Parcl profile page.

Each award is only given once and it becomes yours to keep forever. Awards can’t be exchanged for Parcl points or rating points.

See the full list of Parcl Achievement awards for forwarders below.

Fast Shipper
Delivered package in 5 days
Global Presence
More than one package center
Positive Approach
10 times gave shoppers the highest rating
Silver Forwarder
Successfully delivered 10 packages
Gold Forwarder
Successfully delivered 20 packages
Platinum Forwarder
Successfully delivered 50 packages
Diamond Forwarder
Successfully delivered 100 packages
Top Rated
10 times received the highest rating
Global Forwarder
Delivered packages to 8 different countries
Personal Shopper
Delivered 40 orders with ‘Purchase assistance’ service
Customs Expert
Delivered 40 orders with ‘Customs declaration’ service
Consolidation Pro
Delivered 40 orders with ‘Package consolidation’ service
Packaging Wizard
Delivered 40 orders with ‘Additional packaging’ service
Shop Owner
Established a personal shop of unique items on Parcl
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