Many online stores offer domestic shipping only or ship to a limited list of countries. This means that people in other countries are unable to take advantage of the deals they find at such stores unless they find a way to get their purchases delivered to their country.

Parcl offers an easy way to match shoppers with the best package forwarders to deliver their purchases to the shoppers' home country, wherever it may be.
A shopper is an individual user who wants to get an item from a store that does not deliver to their location, or from a physical shop that does not offer delivery.
A forwarder is an individual or a company that provides shopping assistance and forwarding services to help shoppers.

Sure! You would need to register as a forwarder to be able to offer package forwarding services and set your prices for that.

Forwarders can browse public and receive private requests for a package delivery quote. They can then respond with a quote for purchase assistance, shipping and other additional services a shopper may be interested in. You may include any markup you feel reasonable, but keep in mind that the better your price, the better will be your chances of getting more business and higher ratings!

Yes, anyone looking to shop abroad or willing to assist others with purchase and delivery can be a forwarder or a shopper.
  1. You can register to use Parcl as a shopper to shop here, or as a forwarder to provide shopping assistance and delivery services here.
  2. Post your delivery or shopping assistance request as a shopper, or browse through posted requests as a forwarder.
  3. Strike a deal!
There are a few easy steps to get your purchases anywhere:
  1. Submit a public delivery request or send it privately to specific forwarders
  2. After the request is received by forwarder, they will be responding with a delivery offer containing a price quote. You can chat with the forwarder to determine the exact details of the deal.
  3. A shopper can choose to accept or decline the offer.
  4. Forwarder buys (if requested) and receives items from the store at their location, then provides any additional services ordered (such as repackaging, photographing contents, etc.) and sends the package to you.
  5. You get your purchases wherever and whenever you want.
User rating is the average of all rating points the user has received for all completed orders. Shoppers are rated by their forwarders, and forwarders are rated by their shoppers whenever an order is completed. Shoppers rate forwarders based on 3 parameters: the likelihood of recommending the forwarder to other shoppers, order processing speed, and price. Forwarders rate the likelihood of recommending the shopper to other forwarders and order processing speed.
Parcl points are points that each user receives or loses for specific actions (or failure to act) on the website. Parcl points accumulate as you use the service, and there is no cap.
You can connect with us on Facebook at, on Twitter at or shoot an email at

Generally, Parcl allows shoppers from almost any country in the world to shop anywhere and get goods shipped to their address. However, there is a very small number of countries that are currently restricted.

At the moment, Parcl does not work with the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea.


Payments at Parcl are processed via PayPal. It is one of the safest, fastest and most intuitive payment methods available. PayPal is known for good customer support and well-established refund policy.
Shoppers pay as soon as they accept an offer from a forwarder. There might be multiple offers, so choose one that works best for you. After that, the payment goes to a secure Parcl account. The sooner you pay – the faster you get your purchases!
No, we don’t charge for registration, membership or for request creation. You may create a single request or post as many delivery requests as you want.
The forwarder is notified of your offer acceptance and payment right away. We make sure the communication is clear. Please reach out to your forwarder if you get no update within 2 days. If you still don’t get an answer (having allowed for the time difference between you and the forwarder), please contact us and let us know the transaction ID - we’ll take it from there.
You will be refunded the shipping and handling fees along with the item price if you had requested shopping assistance.
You can cancel an order at any stage before accepting a forwarder’s offer. However, once you commit to the purchase by accepting an offer, you won’t be able to cancel it, as the forwarder usually starts taking steps right away to complete your order.
We encourage communication between forwarders and shoppers, as many issues can be resolved this way to both parties’ satisfaction. Nevertheless, sometimes shopping or delivery does not go as planned. If you feel unsatisfied with the transaction and your attempts to resolve the issue through communication with the forwarder were unsuccessful, you can always file a complaint with PayPal.
Yes, Parcl transactions are subject to an order processing fee. The fee is calculated based on the total price of items in your order.
Parcl is a community, behind which there are developers, designers, tech support and other awesome people who work hard to make Parcl work. This is why we charge shoppers a small fee to cover the expenses of getting the service to run smoothly for everyone.
Parcl shoppers pay for forwarder services through PayPal. Parcl transactions are considered ‘commercial cross-border payments’, which is why they might be subject to cross-border and currency conversion fees. You can find more information about PayPal fees and rates here.

There are situations when the order can’t be processed for a particular reason, and the shopper requests a refund. Based on the industry standards and the Parcl business model, we provide refunds in the following cases:

  1. Shopper paid for the order, but the items sold out.
  2. Shopper paid for the items and shipping, but the forwarder did not process the order.
  3. Shopper paid for the order, but changed their mind about purchasing the items. Full refund in this case is possible only if the items have not been purchased yet. If the goods are en route to the forwarder’s location, the shopper will have to cover the return costs.
  4. Shopper paid for the order, but the forwarder found out that the order contains items, which can’t be shipped internationally.
  5. Shopper paid for the order, but the forwarder refuses to process the order because the shopper’s PayPal and Parcl addresses do not match.

The situations in which a shopper may be eligible for a refund are not limited to what’s included in the list above. Every refund claim will be investigated individually.


Every delivery order requires individual approach. International shipping rates at Parcl are based on package dimensions, package destination and shipping methods (standard, express or priority delivery) offered by particular shipping companies. All shipping costs, prices for additional services and other fees are specified by the forwarders in their offers and can be further negotiated.
It costs absolutely nothing to post a request or receive an offer. Only after you accept a forwarder’s offer, you will need to pay for shipping, any additional services you ask for and the order processing fee.
Pretty much anything, anywhere.
  1. Brand names for much less than at your local stores
  2. Limited editions you want so bad, but can’t get locally.
  3. Region-specific crafts you won’t find anywhere else
  4. Take advantage of huge seasonal sales that happen in some countries around the world.
Yes, when creating an order you can choose multiple items you would like to purchase.
Import and export regulations vary from country to country, so we strongly recommend our shoppers and forwarders to check Customs regulations in advance. Before placing your order, answer these questions:
  • Can the goods be legally exported/imported?
  • Are there any quantity/weight/cost limitations for shipping these goods?
  • What documents are needed for shipping these goods?
  • What additional taxes or fees may apply?
  • Who is responsible for paying these fees?
When requesting delivery you are asked if you want any additional services. The value of additional services shouldn’t be underestimated, as they can help avoid problems and even help you save money.
  • Products photo. This service will help ensure your package contains the items you expect. If you choose this service, forwarder will photograph your purchases and send you the images before sending the package to you.
  • Package consolidation. Stores often ship your orders in several packages or using much larger boxes than needed, which may unnecessarily increase shipping costs. To help you save money, forwarder can repackage your order into one box of optimal size to fit all order contents.
  • Contents check. When you order this service, forwarder will check each item in the package for visible defects or inconsistencies with the order specifications (such as scratches on items or wrong color).
  • Additional packaging. Packages may sometimes get wet or damaged during shipment. To help protect contents from damage, forwarder can reinforce your boxes with packing tape.
  • Electronics check. When you order this service, forwarder will check each electronic item in your order to make sure it turns on.
  • Removal of prohibited items. Sometimes sellers put promotional items in your package, which may not be allowed for shipment to your country. These may be perfume or shampoo samples, etc. If you order this service, forwarder will remove any such items from your package.
  • Insurance. Insuring your package guarantees that in case your package gets damaged or lost on its way to you, you will be able to get reimbursement from the carrier.
  • Customs declaration. Customs declaration has to be filled out when shipping abroad. When you order this service, forwarder will fill out the declaration for you in accordance with destination country requirements.
  • Customs value modification. Most countries limit the value of inbound shipments for duty-free clearance. If the declared package value is higher, you will be required to pay Customs duty on the contents. If you order this service, forwarder will specify such item prices that will not obligate you to pay Customs duty.
  • Priority handling. If you want to receive your package as fast as possible, order this service and forwarder will process your shipment ahead of non-priority orders.
  • Shopping assistance. When you order this service, forwarder will help you deal with the store in placing your order, contacting the store regarding any issues, questions or refunds.
If you sent your request to a forwarder, but they didn't get back to you, you can send them a message from the request page to ask them to respond. If there is still no reaction, please contact us at or via the 'Contact Moderator' option on the request page. We also recommend sending your request to other forwarders.
The shopper is responsible for the payment of import duties and taxes. The shipping provider will normally pay the duty and VAT taxes to Customs on behalf of the shopper, and will often charge a fee in advance for providing this service. So you need to discuss the import tax payment with the forwarder when finalizing your order. To help you minimize the possible import taxes, we recommend ordering the 'Customs value modification' and 'Customs declaration' services when requesting delivery.
If you made a payment but the forwarder doesn't proceed with the deal, you need to report this to our moderator at or via the 'Contact Moderator' option on the request page. Our moderators will contact the forwarder asking for a refund. If the forwarder agrees to refund your money, his rating will not be lowered. In case the forwarder refuses to refund the payment, his account will be blocked. You will then need to contact PayPal for a refund.
Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most efficient and safe way you can access the blocked online shop.
Generally speaking, using a VPN allows you to change your IP address to access blocked sites. This is done by exchanging your IP address for a new IP address from the VPN server.
To help international shoppers browse their favorite stores without any risks and limitations, we partnered up with Outbyte VPN. We recommend all our customers to use Outbyte VPN service while browsing the Internet, because with VPN they can:
  • access the best online stores worldwide, even those that can’t be accessed from their location;
  • trick site algorithms and get the best price;
  • enjoy safe anonymous browsing;
  • keep financial and other private information secure.


If you are not sure how to specify shipping price and make a delivery offer, we recommend you take a look at the instructions for forwarders designed to help you to make attractive delivery offers.
If you are representing a forwarding company, you will need to specify the name of this company and your position there. If you’d like to offer forwarding and additional services as an individual, you will not need to state any additional information. Account ownership type does not affect your operations on Parcl.
We require individual users to upload a scan of their ID and companies to upload scans of their business license or similar documents to ensure a safe experience for all Parcl users. Your information is kept strictly confidential and secure.
After you send an offer, the shopper is notified by email. Shoppers have the option to accept or decline offers, as well as chat with you if they have any questions.

Once a shopper accepts your offer, they must make a PayPal payment for the total order amount. In the beta version, you will receive the full payment to your account. In the future – a small fee will apply.

After you receive the payment, you have to complete the order as per the shopper’s request: provide shopping assistance or any other additional services that were ordered and ship the package using the method specified in your offer.
All Parcl payments are processed through PayPal. To start receiving payments from shoppers, you only need to provide your email address associated with your PayPal account.
If you don't have a PayPal account:
  1. Go to
  2. Сlick the blue ‘Sign Up’ button.
  3. Complete all required forms, click ‘Continue’.
  4. If everything is filled out correctly, your next step is to set up the account data (email, password, password restore questions).
  5. Next step is adding a credit/debit card. You can skip this one for now.
  6. PayPal will send a confirmation letter to your email address.
  7. Once you click the confirmation link you receive via email, your account goes live.
First, contact the shopper to let them know the item is no longer available. After that, there are two options:
  1. If the item is on backorder and may become available again soon, then you can ask the shopper to wait for it.
  2. If the item sold out or the shopper does not want to wait for it to become available, you need to process a full refund of the price the shopper paid for the goods, your services and shipping.
When making an offer, you’ll be able to specify additional costs in the separate ‘Extra fees’ field.

Security and trust:

We establish a community based on trust and reassurance: every user is verified and our rating system takes care of foul play through the power of getting feedback from every user and ONLY from real users.

We use PayPal for payments as it is probably the most secure payment system out there providing both seller and buyer security.
If the forwarder provided purchase assistance (bought the products for you), and the package gets lost before it gets to the forwarder, they will communicate with the store to locate the package or get a refund for you. If the package gets lost on the way from the forwarder to you, you will receive a refund of delivery fees charged by the forwarder and the forwarder will help communicate with the insurance company for filing a claim and getting compensation for you.
The forwarder you choose for sending your purchases to you needs to know what exactly they are shipping. However, you can set your request to be visible only to the forwarders you trust or to the one forwarder you select to order shipping through. Keep in mind that this will prevent other forwarders from seeing your request, which means they will not be able to offer you their services.
This forwarder's Parcl account will be disabled. Forwarders do not want to lose business and do their best to comply with all Parcl rules and requirements.

Managing the account:

Go to to manage time zones, countries and languages.
Go to to manage your dashboard and profile.
Go to to manage your orders

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