Over 1900 secure forwarding addresses for shopping and international shipping.
231 global and local freight companies available including USPS, DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, DPD, Parcel Force, Colissimo, and many more.
80-100 new shoppers registering daily
The most expensive item delivered was a Gibson Custom Les Paul electric guitar in Cobra Burst finish with gold hardware worth $5,799
The heaviest item ever delivered was The Superior Bed by The Luxury Bed Company and weighed 210 kg (463 lbs)
2000 is the highest number of items that were delivered in a single order.
The lowest shipping cost was $2
$3.64 is the average shipping cost per kilogram.
$9.05 is the average shipping cost of an item.
1898 Parcl Forwarders
registered in 115 countries

Top 20 Countries Where Parcl Has Forwarders:

  • United States 345
  • United Kingdom 132
  • India 119
  • Italy 107
  • Germany 85
  • France 81
  • Australia 79
  • Brazil 75
  • Spain 69
  • Romania 59
  • Canada 55
  • Philippines 54
  • Russian Federation 54
  • United Arab Emirates 53
  • Singapore 51
  • Netherlands 44
  • Japan 40
  • Israel 35
  • Poland 35
  • Thailand 33

Range of Goods Shipped

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories 33.74%
  • Beauty & Health 16.49%
  • Electronics and Computers 15.82%
  • Art, Hobbies, Collectibles & Gifts 5.88%
  • Other 5.35%
  • Home, Garden, Tools 5.03%
  • Movies, Music, Games 3.59%
  • Toys, Kids, Babies 3.54%
  • Food 3.02%
  • Sports & Outdoors 2.96%
  • Books & Magazines 2.78%
  • Automotive & Industrial 1.88%

The most popular online stores that Parcl forwarders ship from:

Excellent Reputation**

**based on Trustpilot reviews
Trustpilot TrustScore
4.4 out of 5
David Jackson
Second time using, great service as expected.

Second item impossible to buy in my country ordered and successfully shipped to my house. Have already recommended to several friends.

Item shipped: From Malaysia to United Kingdom.

Forwarder used: Luqman.

Price is very fair, about 1/4 of the price another service wanted for the same item. Saving me a lot of money, making me a happy customer.

Highly recommend Luqman.

Reliable, Affordable and Quick Service. Highly recommended.

This was my first time using Parcl and I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth and quick transaction! I was initially a bit concerned by the estimated shipping cost but don't let that put you off because when forwarders make you offers you will receive some very affordable quotes for shipping. I purchased an item from the UK to be sent to Asia and my forwarder Nicholas Low was amazing. He made a very competitive offer and the rest of the process was completed quickly and the package arrived safe and sound in record time. If an item on ebay is listed with exorbitant GSP costs to your country, I recommend using Parcl as it would save you a lot of money.

Rated Excellent by 83%
Residents evil
Parcl - Intuitive, purchase safety and speed

My first time using Parcl went smoothly.

The UI is intuitive and there is a great in-depth FAQ for any doubts about the workings of the website as well.

I ordered products from Indonesia to be delivered in Europe, and within the specified shipping time, I got the goods. The price was right for the shipping and the only extra one spends is the Parcl's commission, which is nothing to begin with. There are also many options at your disposal when ordering such as product photos when the forwarder receives the package, customs declaration filling, forwarders help with the store purchase, etc.

Overall, Parcl is a working, real website that does what it advertises. Of course, the website is just a platform for people to meet, so it only works with reputable forwarders. I selected a forwarder with good and successful background and it worked. If you use Parcl, you should select forwarders with good background, even if other forwarders offer better deals. Better to pay a little more and not be tricked, although Parcl assures they offer refunds for any possible scam.

Veredict: Works as intended, can be trusted. High amount of options and purchase safety features.

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