How international package forwarding with Parcl works

The first thing you need to know: Parcl is a community. A community is a network of people who communicate with one another through interactive tools. At Parcl there are two groups of users - shoppers and forwarders. Shoppers are all those people who need help with international delivery, forwarders are individuals who can provide their address for shopping and help with international package forwarding. Anyone is eligible to become a shopper or to register as a forwarder. Parcl is a platform where these two groups of people can communicate with each other and overcome shipping barriers together.

Delivery order processing at Parcl is a step-by-step guided process based on the following steps:

1. Create a free delivery request

Specify what products and from what country you would like to buy and ship to your location. You may create a request as a new or an already registered user. There are no registration or subscription fees and no membership options at Parcl. All you need to do to start shopping abroad is provide some information about the goods and any additional services you need, so that the forwarders could calculate the shipping cost more precisely.

Money-saving advice:

To save up to 60% on shipping we recommend that you order ‘Customs value modification’ and also get ‘Package consolidation’ when requesting delivery of multiple items from several stores

2. Select a shipping forwarder for your order

Once you create a delivery request, all forwarders available in the store’s country will receive notifications of your order and will be able to submit their delivery offers. You may communicate with them, negotiate the shipping conditions offered, decline offers you don’t like and search for other forwarders.

Shopping advice:

If the store doesn’t accept your payment method, order ‘Purchase assistance’ and your forwarder will buy the goods for you

3. Pay for the forwarder’s services and shipping

Once you select a forwarder and accept their shipping offer, you will need to make the payment, which will include shipping fees and costs of any additional services requested. If you asked for shopping assistance, the payment will also include the cost of the items. The payment is securely processed through PayPal.

Parcl forwarders use only experienced international shipping services, and specify shipping costs upfront based on the carrier's actual shipping rates.

Fast shipping advice:

Pay as soon as you accept the offer - it’ll help you get the products shipped faster

4. Get a free shipping address in the store’s country

After receiving your payment, the forwarder will provide you with their local address for shopping. Having a local shipping address will allow you to shop at any store in the country of your interest. Simply use your forwarder’s address as your shipping address at checkout. If you ordered personal shopping assistance, your forwarder will shop for you.

Money-saving advice:

Save on shopping with our smart shopping tips and get your cash back with rebate services

5. Have packages forwarded from the store’s country to you

Your personal international shipping forwarder will receive, process and ship your buys to your address.

If you ordered any additional services, your forwarder will provide them prior to shipping your package. Once you confirm the contents are okay, the forwarder will send the package to you.

Secure shipping advice:

Ask your forwarder to upload a shipping receipt and provide a package tracking number if it’s available

6. Receive your items

Get your goods fast and hassle-free. Your forwarder’s support doesn't end when your package leaves their
location. They (and the Parcl team) are there every step of the way to ensure you receive your package on
time and in perfect condition.

International shipping with Parcl is a simple and transparent process without hidden fees. Thanks to multifunctional half-automated mechanism you can communicate with the forwarder, pay for their services, view photos of your items, manage your delivery order and track the package in one place. If you have any particular questions about Parcl, please feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or download the step-by-step guide for Parcl shoppers.

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