How Parcl works for forwarders

Parcl is a community where people who need help with delivery from overseas stores can find shipping assistants around the world. These two groups of users are called shoppers and forwarders at Parcl. Shoppers are all those people who need help with international delivery, forwarders are individuals who can provide their address for shopping and help with international package forwarding. Parcl is a convenient and safe platform created to help forwarders offer delivery services and make money no matter where they live and what educational background or work experience they have.

Becoming a forwarder on Parcl gives you a range of benefits:

  • You get access to a secure community of verified shoppers with a rating-based feedback system
  • You can search and select orders using country, price range, type of product and additional services filters - choose requests that work best for you
  • You manage your revenue - decide how much money you want to get for delivery and additional services
  • You get paid in advance - just make a good offer and wait for your shopper to accept it and pay
  • All transactions at Parcl are securely processed through PayPal

Operating as a forwarder at Parcl is a simple and secure process based on the following key steps:

1. Set up a forwarder account at Parcl

If you’re ready to help people get products (mainly clothes, electronics, smartphones, tablets, wearables, collectibles) from your country, register as a forwarder at Parcl and complete your profile. All you need to do in order to start offering shipping help is to verify your email, specify your payment information (your PayPal account for receiving the payments), fill out your possible delivery methods, additional service prices and countries you are able to deliver to.

Trust-building advice:

Be honest and provide as much information as possible - shoppers trust professional looking and complete profiles

2. Make delivery offers on private or public requests

There are hundreds of new delivery requests posted on Parcl monthly. You can either receive private requests from the shoppers and submit delivery offers in return, or you may browse public requests and make offers on the orders that you like. It’s only up to you which method to use. You’ll be receiving regular email notifications about new requests available for you. If you are not sure how to specify the shipping cost, take a look at the comprehensive Guide for forwarders we prepared. If shoppers like your offers, they will be accepting them.

Money-making advice:

Be proactive and communicative: submit delivery offers on public requests and communicate with shoppers explaining how you calculated the shipping cost

3. Receive payment and process the order

After accepting your delivery offer, the shopper will be asked to pay for your services and shipping. Once you receive the payment you’ll be able to start processing the order. If a shopper orders purchase assistance, you’ll need to place their order at the online store specified. If the shopper buys the items on their own, you’ll only need to wait for the package to arrive at your address (it might be your warehouse, your apartment or house, etc).

You may also need to provide additional services, such as package products photos, additional packaging, electronics check or some other, if the shopper orders them.

Business growth advice:

The better the service you provide to your shoppers, the more likely they are to be happy and to leave you positive feedback, which in turn will get you more orders in the future.

4. Ship the package to the shopper

This is the most exciting and important step. Once you provide all additional services and get shipping confirmation from the shopper, you need to ship the package to its final destination.

Successful delivery advice:

Don’t forget to keep shipping receipts or other shipping confirmation documents

Package forwarding with Parcl is a safe and promising business. Thanks to the multifunctional half-automated mechanism you can communicate with the shopper, receive payments for your services, upload package photos, and manage the order throughout the process. If you have any specific questions about package forwarding at Parcl, please feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or Education Center for forwarders.

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