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Thousands of people are already shopping internationally from Amazon with Parcl, getting what they
want and saving on shipping. It's very simple - tell us what you need and we'll ship it to you!


At first, give us the links to products that you want to buy and specify where you want them to be shipped to. You may order as many items as you want from one or multiple shops. You don’t have to pay for registering at or using the Parcl website.


Then, select a verified forwarder in the US & get a free secure address for shopping at Amazon. You may purchase as many items as you want using the Parcl forwarding address at checkout. We'll receive your items, reinforce packaging, take photos of the package contents & provide any other services of your choice.


Finally, have your Amazon buys carefully handled and shipped to you! We'll fill out the Customs declaration & ship your package to you using the most experienced carriers. Tracking is available!

We ship electronics, beauty products, clothing and accessories, collectibles & other goods from Amazon

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What you get with Parcl

No registration or subscription fees
Free US address for shopping
Upfront pricing
Secure payments with PayPal
Personal shopping assistance
Package consolidation
Prices based on actual shipping carrier rates
Customs compliance support
Timely email notifications on your delivery status
Package tracking

Thousands of shoppers worldwide trust
their shipping to Parcl

“Reliable and fast forwarder! I am happy with my purchase and would recommend Parcl to everyone without hesitation.”
Stephen, Philippines
“Excellent, trustworthy service! Time between shipments was short, and the forwarder was flexible and quick to respond.”
Callum, United Kingdom
“Excellent, excellent, excellent. Their staff were very friendly, professional and always a pleasure to deal with. Excellence all around. Thank you!”
Corrina, Australia

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