Blanc-manger Coco Card Game

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Blanc-manger Coco - The 1st Game for Adults, Imagined by Teens, Produced by Children – 600 cards [Cannot Guarantee this will be in English]

- Game tested and validated by the famous YouTuber Squeezie -
- One round takes about: 30-45 minutes & 3 to 10 players
- Contents: 600 cards (132 question cards and 468 answer cards including 12 blank cards for your personal references)

"This game is really great for parties with friends, I strongly recommend it to all those in need of a party game"
"Game for people, who, like me, have a highly subversive spirit and a love of dark humour"

Because we don't laugh enough, because we've got the right to laugh at everything, we have created Blanc-Manger Coco, the perfect game for brightening up your parties. One player reads a question card, meaning, a sentence with a blank, and the others complete the sentence by playing an answer card face down. The player who has read the question, choose the answer they prefer and names the winner of the round. The magic of the game lies in the total incongruousness between questions and answers. In response to the question "The End Justifies _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _", you are not likely to win by playing “the Means” as a response. On the other hand if you have "organ trafficking"...
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