Moisturizing organic castor oil

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Natural Satin Bio Castor Oil is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a natural, high quality moisturizing body oil. Our premium quality castor oil is distinguished by its purity as well as its richness in vitamin E and omega essential fatty acids. Thanks to its multiple uses, it helps to attenuate the small defects of your body.

Castor oil strengthens damaged hair and weakened eyebrows and eyebrows. It strengthens your nails at the base and helps heal damaged cuticles. When applied regularly, castor oil improves the texture and appearance of the skin through its anti-aging effect. 4 actions: Antioxidants in the oil protect your skin from free radicals. At the same time, it encourages the regeneration of cells. This effect prevents the formation of new wrinkles and reduces existing wrinkles. Scars and birthmarks are also reduced. In addition, your skin is hydrated.

Thanks to its premium quality purple glass bottle, precious nutrients and vitamins are protected against deterioration. Thus, they are preserved for longer, without resorting to aggressive preservatives.
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