Unique Shuffle Puzzle Smart Toy for Puppies

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PERFECT FOR HIDE AND TREAT GAME --- Not only this SunGrow IQ toy is a great interactive game for your pet, it also helps your pet gain intelligence. Just hide some treats inside and let your dog find them.

MORAL BOOSTER - When you hide treats in the shuffle puzzle toy, it provides mental stimulation and rewards your dog for being able to complete the task. This in turn improves the dog’s problem solving skills. In the beginning, you can try helping your pet to boost his moral. Gradually, he will learn to do it without your help.

MAKE YOUR PET MORE ACTIVE --- With this unique IQ training pet toy, your pet will never feel bored and lonely. And you, will be happy seeing your pet involved in something educational.

MADE OF SAFE HIGH QUALITY WOODEN MATERIAL --- As per SunGrow’s brand policy, this 9.25 * 8.5 * 1.6” smart toy too is environmental-friendly and adds a cool look to the pet’s toys and your home.

100% EASY TO MAINTAIN --- This IQ pet toy is made up of Multi-color shapes which raise the interest of your pet highly and is easy to maintain as the different colors are easy to spot while cleaning up.
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