Embr Wave: Your Personal Thermostat -- A Breakthrough in Temperature

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Embr Wave Bracelet:

Experience thermal comfort on demand. Developed by MIT-trained scientists, Embr Wave lets you cool down when you’re too hot or warm up when you’re too cold.

Embr Wave is powered by patented technology that uses cutting-edge thermoelectrics and precisely engineered algorithms to produce maximally effective temperature waves.

It fits comfortably around any wrist size, lasts 2-3 days per charge, and pairs with the Embr Wave mobile app for enhanced thermal visualization and control.

Your personal thermostat:
Embr Wave is the first wearable that improves your comfort through dynamic heating and cooling. Made possible by breakthrough science and patented technology.

Control your comfort:
Embr Wave precisely cools or warms the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, triggering a natural response in your body and mind to help you feel 5°F cooler or warmer overall.

Developed by MIT-trained engineers: A breakthrough in temperature.
Embr Wave senses your skin temperature and uses precisely-engineered algorithms to maximize the effectiveness of its thermal sensations, which feel similar to the refreshing chill of an ice cube or the comforting warmth of a hot drink.

Works with your body and mind to naturally change your perceived temperature in a matter of minutes.

Dial in your exact temperature preference and choose between 3 different modes for optimized thermal comfort.

Cool down during your commute, warm up in your office, or feel comfortable whenever
you’re not in control of the thermostat.

Embr Wave App: Smart temperature control.
Pair Embr Wave with the mobile app to control temperature with more precision, switch between modes, visualize the cooling and warming waves in real-time, and more.

How does it work?
Cools or heats your wrist
Whenever you start feeling too hot or too cold, just press and hold the Wave’s Light Bar to activate a comforting wave of cooling or heating on your wrist. Cooling feels like an ice cube, and warming feels like cupping your hands around a hot drink.

How can it make you more comfortable?
Science of the body
Fact: how hot or cold you feel has far more to do with local temperature sensations than your core body temperature. By cooling or warming your wrist, Embr Wave triggers your body’s natural response to temperature change, making you feel colder or warmer in minutes.

Intelligent Engineering
Developed by MIT scientists
Embr Wave is powered by patent-pending technology that uses cutting-edge thermoelectrics and precisely engineered algorithms to produce maximally effective warming and cooling sensations.

Rigorously Researched
NASA-Grade Thermoelectric Technology
Adjustable Temperature Control
Lithium Ion Battery
Specifically Engineered Waves
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