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2 days ago

Parcl Website Update: Parcl Store Launched

The store of unique items from all around the world is here!
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2018-02-07 06:18:50

Parcl Service Update: Typo Reporting Feature Added

Reporting typos and content errors is easier with the new website feature
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2018-01-26 12:06:13

Parcl Service Update: Parcl is Now Available in Several Languages

We have finished translating important Parcl website pages into Spanish, French, and German
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2018-01-16 06:16:59

Parcl Website Update: New User Levels Introduced

Learn how you could become a Shopping Guru or a Forwarding Rockstar with Parcl!
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2017-12-30 14:32:36

Holiday Update: Support Team Work Schedule Throughout the Holidays

Many of our users are now enjoying their winter break, so is the Parcl team. But we are there for you no matter what!
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