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2017-09-06 14:11:42

Order Processing Update: Order Editing Feature Improved

Now shoppers can edit their orders even after receiving delivery offers
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2017-08-20 13:44:30

Parcl Website Update: Achievement Awards Mechanism Added

Use Parcl and collect unique awards for your activity. Let the fun begin!
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2017-07-21 06:05:38

Parcl Website Update: Rating Mechanism Improved

There are two key user assessment metrics at Parcl now: rating and Parcl points
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2017-07-10 10:47:03

Service Update: Parcl Introduces Commission

A service commission is going to be applied to each transaction from now on
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2017-07-03 11:07:54

Our Users Helping Us Select the Best Slogan for Parcl

All Parcl users are welcome to vote for their favorite slogan version
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