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2017-05-18 11:30:43

Delivery Offer Form Update: Additional Fees Field Added

Forwarders can now specify additional fees in a separate field on the offer form
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2017-05-07 21:15:27

We Launched the Parcl for Bloggers Program

Everyone who runs a blog or a Youtube channel and is passionate about shopping is welcome to participate in this cool new program
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2017-04-25 12:40:23

Offer Attractiveness Rating Added

The new feature tells forwarders whether their offer is likely to be found attractive by the shopper before it is submitted
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2017-04-11 12:30:50

Approximate Shipping & Services Calculation Feature Added

New feature calculates approximate shipping & additional services total before the order is submitted
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2017-03-29 08:30:23

Parcl Website Update: Shopper Protection Badges Added

All Parcl shoppers and payments are protected by PayPal, but we decided to make it more evident
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