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User Account Update: Profile page link & detailed ratings added

Now you can easily share a link to your Parcl profile page on other websites, and also view details on your ratings, stats and reviews. Continue reading...

Parcl Website Update: Top menu redesigned

We redesigned the website’s top menu for shoppers, forwarders and guest users to help them browse website pages and find the information they need in a faster way. Continue reading...

Forwarder Pages Update: Forwarder profile page and forwarders list redesigned

To help shoppers make the right choice, we have changed the way information is presented on the All Forwarders pages and redesigned the single forwarder profile page. Continue reading...

User Account Update: To-Do List Added

We created a to-do list that will help users stay up-to-date with the orders they have in processing and remind them about their next steps Continue reading...
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