2018-03-12 13:13:08

Parcl Website Update: Parcl Blog Is Mobile Friendly Now

Every day exciting shopping news are announced and tons of fantastic goods become available around the world. Here at Parcl our goal is not just to create a sustainable and secure marketplace for international shoppers and package forwarders, but also to help Parcl users explore the incredible world of international shopping. One of the tools we use to do this is the Parcl blog, a dynamic collection of Shopping Ideas. We discovered that users who access the Parcl website on smartphones or tablets tend to leave the blog more often than those who browse Shopping Ideas via PC. This made us take first steps toward making Parcl mobile-friendly.    

Now all pages of the Parcl blog can be viewed on mobile and tablet screens without compromising the readability or having to resize the images. The main menu was made responsive too, which means you can get to other website pages more conveniently now.

Please note that for now just the blog pages and the head menu on them have been adapted for mobile and tablet screens, but we are working on making the entire Parcl website mobile-friendly too.

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