2018-03-23 11:01:13

Order Processing Update: Domestic Delivery Now Available

When we talk about package forwarding, we usually mean international delivery, i.e. shipping from one country to another with the help of a package forwarding service. However, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries related to local shipping within the same country. In most cases users wanted to know if we could help with shipping from one US state to another. Having package forwarders in most American states, we decided to add a domestic shipping option to our service.

Originally Parcl was designed to help customers with international delivery only, and it was technically impossible to create an order where ‘from’ and ‘to’ countries would be the same. We have now made it possible to select the same country in both fields. This feature is available for all countries.

Hope you find this change useful. If you have thoughts about Parcl you’d like to share with us, or ideas on how to make our service better, please contact us at

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