2018-04-01 21:40:49

Parcl Website Update: Home Page Redesigned

A home page is the face of any website. We tend to form our opinion based on the cover, the first impression we get from a website’s interface. With today’s constantly evolving design trends, it’s a real challenge to grab the user’s attention and stay in their memory. When starting work on the new homepage design, we felt we had to show how Parcl works in an interactive manner and demonstrate the everyday changes happening at Parcl.


The new homepage design was launched on April, 2, and here’s what makes it special:

  • custom animation - our designer Max did his best when creating this short but catchy video, demonstrating how Parcl works;

  • Parcl Live section - a unique interactive section with the latest service updates;

  • interactive map with countries, package centers, and shipping methods,

  • responsive design - the new home page can now adapt to all devices of all screen sizes.

Here at Parcl we’re really happy with the new homepage design. Do you like it? Please share your thoughts about it with us at .

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