2018-04-18 14:34:47

Parcl Website Update: Parcl Live Section Redesigned

On April 2 we introduced the new Parcl home page design. One of the new features was the Parcl Live section - a unique interactive section with the latest service updates. On desktop screens it displayed 4 items and could be scrolled from left to right and back, whereas for tablet and smartphone users it didn’t look right at all. We have decided to disable this section for mobile devices to ensure a smoother experience for such users. At the same time, to make this section more attractive and lively for desktop users, we decided to add a background and display as many items as the user’s screen would allow.



Parcl Live includes 4 types of items:

  • new blog posts,

  • service updates,

  • new items in the Parcl store,

  • latest completed orders.


You can scroll horizontally and explore the latest events that happened here at Parcl. The section is responsive on desktops, but if you access the website via a smartphone, Parcl Live will be hidden.

If you have thoughts about Parcl you’d like to share with us, or ideas on how to make our service more useful, please contact us at, our Twitter page or our Facebook page.

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