2018-06-09 02:12:29

Parcl Website Update: Request Form is Now Responsive

Making a big complex website truly responsive is a great challenge. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we broke the process down into several parts:

1 - home page redesign and adaptation;

2 - header menu adaptation;

3 - order processing pages adaptation;

4 - content pages redesign for mobile devices.

We have already made quite a few sections responsive, including the home page, header menus for website guests and authorized users, the Parcl blog, and a few other content pages. And just a few hours ago the Parcl request form was updated too! This was a real challenge, because the form is long and can seem complicated to new users.  

Now users can create international delivery requests using almost any device they like, be it a widescreen desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone! No matter where you want to shop - the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Russia, Germany, Brazil, other countries - with the Parcl package forwarding service you will get your buys delivered to your doorstep!

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