2018-09-05 07:21:32

Top Shopping Countries are Now Available from the Home Page

USA is undoubtedly the most popular shopping destination for international customers. Every day, people from all over the world come to Parcl to get a US shipping address for shopping at Amazon, eBay, Apple, Google store and many other US-based webstores.

This is the reason why the United States is pre-selected as a ‘From’ country on the Parcl home page. However, not all Parcl website visitors know where exactly they want to shop. They might need some inspiration and some more information on where Parcl can ship from. We wish we could display all 80+ countries where Parcl package forwarders are registered, but it would make the page terribly long, which is why we placed the top 6 shopping destinations on the Parcl home page. These countries include the USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, the UK and Japan.


Clicking on a country’s flag will bring you to the country’s dedicated page with the details on how package forwarding from the selected destination works. You will be able to create a delivery request directly from that page. Go ahead, check it out right now!

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