2015-10-29 14:25:47

Order Processing Streamlined: inconsistent and unnecessary steps eliminated

Every day we welcome dozens of new users. It’s a true sign that there is a demand for the services our platform offers. And it also means we need to do everything possible to make our service more convenient, intuitive, clear and just nicer to use. That’s why we constantly test usability and encourage our users to leave feedback about our service and their experience.

We have recently discovered several issues that didn’t hinder the overall request process, but were somewhat confusing, which could have prevented shoppers or forwarders from proceeding with the order. We have now improved the ‘What’s next’ section for forwarders - now when the forwarder is purchasing items for their shopper, Parcl does not require them to specify their package center location the items are shipping to from the store, which was really confusing. We also improved the form where our users are asked to specify package tracking numbers. And finally we’ve fixed some fonts-related design flaws.

And just as a heads-up on what we are working on: very soon you will see and experience the new order page design that’s meant to simplify the process, make it more clear and straightforward for you.
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