2015-11-02 08:42:55

Attention, Fallout Fans: Celebrate Fallout 4 release with Nuka-Cola Quantum

November, 10, 2015 will be a historic day for all Fallout fans: the day when Bethesda Softworks will officialy release Fallout 4 - a sequel to the legendary game series. Knowing how much Fallout fans love the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and retro-futuristic items present in the game, Bethesda partnered with Jones Soda to manufacture Nuka-Cola Quantum - the most popular carbonated soft drink in the world before the Great War and one of the most popular post-apocalyptic drinks in the Fallout Universe.

Fallout fans will soon be able to irradiate their taste buds with Nuka-Cola Quantum which debuted in 2008's Fallout 3. Bottles with Nuka-Cola Quantum will be available for purchase exclusively from Target ( this fall.

If you are a Fallout fan or you have friends or relatives who dream of tasting Nuka-Cola Quantum, don’t miss out on this great opportunity and go get this iconic drink.

P.S. Don’t throw away the bottle caps - who knows what the new currency might be in the future.
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