2019-04-30 06:47:18

Parcl Partnered Up with Outbyte VPN

To help international shoppers browse their favorite stores without any risks, we partnered up with Outbyte VPN. VPN can be very helpful when:

  • a store's website is inaccessible in the shopper's country for political, economical or other reasons;

  • stores dictate prices and discriminate particular locations;

  • the online store is not on a secure domain;

  • a user's account on a certain shopping website is compromised.

We recommend all our customers to use a VPN service while browsing the Internet, because with VPN they can:

  • access the best online stores worldwide, even those that can’t be accessed from your location;

  • trick site algorithms and get the best price;

  • enjoy safe anonymous browsing;

  • keep your financial and other private information secure.

You can find more information about Outbyte VPN and activate your VPN subscription here: . If you need more info on how exactly VPN can help you, please read our article ‘How to Safely Access Blocked Online Stores and Better Deals’.

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