2019-07-31 07:00:33

Summer'19 Update: Parcl Shipping Network is Growing

Do you remember the last time we updated you on the new forwarders that joined Parcl? It was August’18, we were happy and excited and couldn’t believe that so many people around the world would love to offer their shipping services through our platform. Back then we had around 1,500 forwarders registered at Parcl, about 500 of whom completed their profiles. 

More and more forwarders are joining Parcl every day, and we thought now would be the right time to update our stats. Ok, this might sound crazy, but right now we have 10,016 forwarders registered! 1605 of them completed their profiles and are already offering shipping assistance. 

If you find it hard to imagine what it means for you and how you can benefit from using Parcl, here are a few tips:

  • if you need anything from US Amazon, eBay, Sephora or any other American store, select any of our 332 US package forwarders and get your package delivered; 

  • if you found your dream product in the United Kingdom, but the store doesn’t ship to your location, head to Parcl and get yourself a free UK address for shopping, plus package forwarding service;

  • if you need to ship something from stores located in Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, or Hong Kong, order international delivery with Parcl;

  • the same works for shopping in Australia, Russia, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Norway, Poland, Spain, Portugal, and many other countries. It is this simple: if the store doesn’t ship to your country, head to Parcl and let package forwarders from the store’s country handle international shipping for you.

International package forwarders available at Parcl can help you get goods from stores located in their countries. Simply create a delivery request, select a forwarder, and wait for your package to arrive!

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