2019-10-16 10:36:23

Update for Shoppers: Delivery Offers Section Rearranged

Delivery offers section is the post important part of the order page, as it lists all offered shipping options. We are constantly striving to optimize it, make it intuitively clear and informative. A few days ago we decided to rearrange the information presented in this section, and here is the result:


Some users found the previous concept a bit confusing, as the prices displayed appeared to be for shipping only, while in fact they reflected the order total. Besides, the button was a bit misleading, because it said ‘Select this offer’, which made shoppers think that clicking it would mean accepting the offer. In reality, the button only opened a popup with offer details. On the redesigned page version, the table displays shipping costs with order total listed in brackets. The action button has been renamed to ‘View details’.

We hope the changes we’ve made will streamline the order process for you. The last couple of days have already shown that the new section structure is perceived better by shoppers. Hope you too find this change useful. If you have thoughts about Parcl you’d like to share with us, or ideas on how to make our service better, please contact us at

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