2020-01-29 13:04:12

Parcl Website Update: Product Release Calendar Launched

Parcl shoppers are amazing people, but there’s one thing that we especially admire about them - they have a unique taste for all things exclusive and fresh. Latest sneaker models, rarest collectible figures, state-of-the-art gadgets - these are the items that our shoppers hunt for. And what’s the biggest pain for the limited editions hunter? Well, while international shipping is not a problem anymore with the Pacl package forwarding solution, missing product release date still is!

To help shoppers stay up-to-date on upcoming releases, we have created the Product Release Calendar! Parcl Release Calendar will be useful when you want to explore upcoming releases of consumer goods or limited editions of products like sneakers, collectible action figures, cosmetics, apparel, etc. 

This is an important section for us and, hopefully, a valuable feature for our users and guests, because it’s the perfect place to look for: 

  • upcoming new products and limited edition items;

  • release dates; 

  • prices and regional availability info on your desired products

There’s also an option to request a release reminder. We’ll notify you 4 hours prior to the product release. If an upcoming product is not available in your country, create an international delivery request with Parcl, and we’ll help you get the desired item. 

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