2015-11-12 10:09:30

Order Process Update: Request pages redesigned

Analysis of service statistics, user behavior and messages from our shoppers and forwarders showed that the request pages didn’t give our users a clear understanding of the order process. We found that our users sometimes didn’t see what to do next and had difficulties updating the request status. That’s why we decided to redesign the request pages.

We changed the page structure, organizing content blocks in a more logical order and adding headings. We also put extra effort into making all action buttons more noticeable. We believe that now the information on request pages is organized in a more intuitive way helping our users update the request and take steps for successful delivery.

The reason why we pay so much attention to the timely request status updates is that only when all the steps are completed, users are able to rate each other. Rating is the corner stone of the trust-based community we are trying to build here at Parcl. It helps people decide whom to work with.

Another reason why we encourage our users to update the order after every step they complete is that in case there is ever a dispute (which is very rare), our moderators will be up to date on the latest order changes.

Apart from the overall redesign, we added several useful features, such as the option to print the delivery address and daily email notifications with new requests for forwarders.

Check the new design of request pages and share your opinion with us at, our Twitter page ( or our Facebook page ( We are always happy to hear from you!
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