2021-01-22 15:12:04

What to buy in January?

Hello friends, a fresh selection of shopping opportunities for everybody! 

1. Decor items & Gift wrap

You’ll find steep discounts on holiday items at many stores, everything you need for next year at a fraction of the cost. You can also use the opportunity to prepare for Valentine’s day :)

2. Linens

Ever since the “White Sale” of January 1878, pioneered by merchant and marketer John Wanamaker, January is still the best time to get some linens! After all, quality sleep is crucial to a happy life :)

3. Toys

Now that holidays are over, big stores are offering steep discounts on unsold toys. If you have kids or grandkids, this month is a great time to stock up for future birthday presents (or even next Christmas!)

4. Exercise Equipment

You have probably heard about new year resolutions.  Retailers have too, so a lot of fitness items get serious discounts - treadmills, ellipticals, weight sets, and of course, bathroom scales.

5. Winter Clothing & Sports Gear

January is when winter gear gets really good prices. You will find sales and discounts on snow clothes, gloves, hats, goggles, ski and snowboarding equipment and this is the best time to prepare for next winter.

6. Flooring & Carpeting

Would you like to experience 2021 with a renovated home?  Now is a good time to begin your quest for the perfect materials.

7. Video Games

A lot of video games release at the end of a year and January is when prices for new titles begin to drop. This also goes for consoles and gaming PC’s.

8. TVs

Waiting for a great deal to upgrade your old TV?  Good time to do so! Smart TVs, 4K displays are on sale.

9. Suits

January tends to be a slow month for suit sales, so you can benefit from the retailer’s sales and discounts - it’s always good to be prepared for summer! 

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