2015-11-19 15:01:02

Order Page for Forwarders Improved: Sort orders using advanced filters

Request pages are the central mechanism of our service. They show what stage the request is at, what has already been done and what the next step should be. We are always trying to make these pages more intuitive and clear, which is why we introduced the new design last week. But we didn’t want to stop there, so here comes another upgrade.

This week we implemented advanced order search functionality for forwarders. We found that some forwarders have over 100 requests in processing. It was clear that without advanced filtering tools it would be hard for these forwarders to sort through requests and to keep track of the orders they are working on. That’s why we developed a set of filters meant to optimize the order search.

The new filters include:

- Countries filter (forwarders can now search for orders from and to specific countries),
- Price range filter (this filter is very useful if a forwarder wants or doesn’t want to fulfil orders where the total price is below or above a certain value),
- Order number filter (this filter was added to help search for specific orders),
- Shopper name filter (this tool may be useful when you know the shopper’s name).

There are also two checkbox filters which will help forwarders see only those requests that have new messages for them or requests the forwarder has made delivery offers for. The latter is especially useful when a forwarder needs to hide all requests they haven’t made offers for, and only see the requests they have activity on.

These enhancements were made to help forwarders keep track of their orders and stay up to date on the request progress. If you are a forwarder, check out this new set of super useful filters and share your opinion with us at, on our Twitter page ( or our Facebook page ( We are always happy to hear from you!
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