2021-04-23 13:44:14

Municipal - a new clothing brand by Mark Wahlberg

Hello friends,

There is a new clothing brand on the rise at the moment - Municipal 

The reason for this has a lot to do with one simple fact - it has been created by Mark Wahlberg. The clothing line is positioned as “sport utility gear”.  In simple terms, Mark and his partners were going for universal designs, clothing that can be used for all events. 

Mark and Lev noticed that no one was making the kind of clothing people actually need to go anywhere and do everything – gear that was both incredibly versatile and extremely comfortable for Mark and Lev’s own unique and diverse activities. Like you, they spend their days jumping from one thing to the next — from the gym to the basketball courts, meetings and wherever else their busy lives take them. Like most of us, they live out of their cars, backpacks and gym bags. 

Mark felt particularly strongly that workout gear had gotten so overtly technical there wasn’t much left that was wearable. 

Several brands, he noticed, could do a thing or two well. But no one company was committed to making the best, most comfortable and adaptable versions of the things we all wear every day.

So Mark and Lev decided to create one.

There is also a huge swimwear sale at REI at the moment, up to 70% off. 

We hope you find something to your liking and have a wonderful weekend! 


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