2015-12-25 06:41:21

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s been a year full of challenges and opportunities, ups and downs, happy moments and times of sadness. We want to say some words of gratitude and extend the warmest wishes to all of you who one way or another participated in our project.

Dear forwarders, we’ll start with you. Thank you for trusting us, taking your time to get used to Parcl and being helpful and caring towards your shoppers. We know that sometimes you have difficulties processing orders, but we promise to always be there for you. We are doing our best to make Parcl the perfect platform, where you can earn money by helping other people. You are the heroes of Parcl, without you it would have been much harder to make it work.

Dear shoppers, we’d love to thank you for trusting your buys and shopping experience to the forwarders registered at Parcl. We know how hard it is to trust your money to an absolute stranger, and that’s why we sincerely appreciate you choosing our service. We hope we haven’t disappointed you. In 2016 we will continue helping you with international shopping and will work even harder on improving your experience.

Dear journalists, writers, bloggers, and other media people, we are especially grateful to you. If you didn’t believe in our project, it would have been much harder for us to find people who needed help with delivery or wanted to help others with shipping. Thank you for spreading the word about Parcl!

Looking back at 2015 we must admit that together we have done a great job. Would any of us here at Parcl have believed if someone told us 2 years ago that thanks to us James in Canada would receive a Monorover for his son, and Lila in Australia would get some hip chambongs for her birthday? This has been an ambitious project, and even though there were times when we almost gave up, we kept on doing our job. Look at where we are now - thousands of shoppers and hundreds of forwarders registered at Parcl, new orders posting every day, very positive reviews by experts all over the globe. This is really amazing and worth all the effort.

Let’s accomplish even more great things together in 2016! We are wishing you all the best in the New Year. May you and yours enjoy peace, love and prosperity today and every day.

With warmest wishes,
The Parcl Team
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