2016-01-20 12:01:13

User Account Update: Profile page link & detailed ratings added

If you are registered on Parcl, you have probably noticed a small ‘link’ icon next to your profile picture. Hover your mouse over it and you will see a direct link to your Parcl profile page, which you can copy and paste wherever you want.

According to, there are about 2 billion social network users in the world. It means that more than 30% of population have accounts on social networks. Statistical research conducted by The Radicati Group showed, that there are more than 4 bln commercial and private email accounts existing in the world. Our users have email accounts and most probably they do use social networks. So we decided to make it easier for all Parcl shoppers and forwarders to share links to their profile pages with other Internet users.

You can copy this personal URL and paste it wherever you like, be it Facebook, Twitter, or another social network. You can also copy and paste it into an email message if you want to share your page via email. There are no limits here.

Another update we have for you is a new page with detailed ratings and stats. If you go to ‘My stats and ratings’ page in ‘My account’ section, you will see your total rating. This rating is based on all ratings left to you by other users whom you have completed transactions with. If you have delivered packages (orders with ‘Transaction complete’ status), you will see a link to the detailed ratings and reviews page.

That’s it for today. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve order processing and make Parcl a perfect shopping and shipping platform, share your thoughts with us at, our Twitter page ( or our Facebook page ( We are always happy to hear from you!
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