2016-02-19 06:09:02

Service Update: Automatic request, offer and deal cancellation added

A user survey we conducted shows that the main thing that bugs you on Parcl is the lack of feedback from people you are trying to work with. For example, when a shopper sends a private delivery request to a forwarder, but never receives a response, it prevents them from looking at other forwarders and causes them to waste time. Another common situation: a forwarder makes an offer, but the shopper never accepts or declines it, leaving this request hanging in the forwarder’s order list. And then there were situations when shoppers accepted forwarder offers, but never made payment. To solve this lack-of-feedback problem, we developed and implemented a mechanism that will help automatically cancel abandoned requests, offers, and deals.

Now, when shoppers send private delivery requests to forwarders, but don’t get a response, the requests get automatically declined in 7 days. Both shoppers and forwarders get notified and advised what they could do next.

If a forwarder makes an offer on a public or private delivery request, but the shopper neither accepts nor declines it, the offer is canceled automatically 2 weeks after it was made. This feature is especially useful for forwarders, because it helps actualize their order lists or make new offers when the original price quotes become outdated.

Another feature we’ve added is the automatic deal cancellation. When a shopper accepts a forwarder’s offer, order status changes to ‘Order placed’, and the shopper needs to make a payment. If the shopper doesn’t transfer the agreed sum within 14 days, the deal gets automatically canceled and order status changes to ‘Request submitted’.

Hope you like these enhancements and will now find the service more convenient and useful.

We’re doing our best to make Parcl work great for everyone. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve order processing, or you noticed that something doesn’t work the way it should, please share your thoughts with us at, our Twitter page ( or our Facebook page ( We are always happy to hear from you!
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