2016-02-24 05:24:32

Forwarder Settings Update: Email notifications frequency selection added

A couple of months ago we started sending daily email notifications with new requests available to forwarders. We thought that was exactly what forwarders needed - being immediately notified of new requests they could fulfill. But feedback showed that not all forwarders were happy with such ‘spammy’ (as one forwarder called them) emails. That’s why we developed a mechanism that allows forwarders to specify how often they want to be notified of new requests available to them.

If you are a forwarder, you can change your email notification preferences under My Settings in your My Account section. There are three options available to you:

- daily email notifications (which is a perfect option for forwarders from ‘hot’ destinations where competition for orders is high, such as the USA),
- weekly email notifications (which are suitable for forwarders who prefer to receive a weekly update in one message),
- no new request notifications (which works for forwarders who aren’t too interested in competing for orders and making money with Parcl).

These settings do not affect other Parcl communications, such as order updates, messages from shoppers, etc. Such notifications will still be sent out in real time. We’re doing our best to make Parcl work great for everyone. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve order processing, or you noticed that something doesn’t work the way it should, please share your thoughts with us at, our Twitter page ( or our Facebook page ( We are always happy to hear from you!
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