2016-03-15 12:17:03

Service Update: Automatic deletion of delivery requests and accounts added

Regular database monitoring revealed hundreds of requests and accounts that were abandoned by users. Some users may have been testing the service and didn’t actually need to have anything delivered, others may have created accounts and requests while in need of shipping assistance, but didn’t proceed with their orders for some other reason. Such abandoned requests ended up cluttering the database and causing forwarders to waste time making delivery offers on them. That’s why we decided to take another step towards automation and develop a mechanism that would automatically delete all abandoned user accounts and requests.

A user account is considered abandoned if there were no requests created, email address wasn’t verified, and no personal documents were uploaded within 3 months of registration. The abandoned account will be deleted three months after registration. The account owner will receive email notifications one month and one week prior to account deactivation to give them time to act if they are interested in keeping the account.

A delivery request will be considered abandoned and will be deleted one month after it was posted if it hasn’t been sent to any forwarders by then. The shopper will receive email notifications two weeks and five days prior to request deletion to give them time to send the request to forwarders if it’s still valid.

We believe these new features will benefit everyone in our community. People who created the accounts or requests about to be deleted will be reminded to come to Parcl and update their information. At the same time, users who don’t want to use Parcl any longer will be deleted from our database and therefore will stop receiving email notifications. And of course, this will let us keep our database neat and tidy, which is an added bonus :)

We’re doing our best to make Parcl as convenient and reliable as possible. If you don’t like our new feature or have another idea on how to make Parcl better, please share your thoughts with us at, or contact us on Twitter ( or Facebook( We are always happy to hear from you!
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