2016-04-01 12:19:04

Service Update: Some Parcl Pages Redesigned

Here at Parcl we never stop analyzing and improving the mechanism of order processing as well as the service interface. And even though they say to never judge a book by its cover, we are convinced that website design can tell a lot about a company and its services. That’s why we have been hard at work and are now excited to introduce the brand-new design of the Parcl home page and company pages.

A few months ago, when Parcl got the first wave of massive public response, several people mentioned that the Parcl website looked scammy to them. We hope that the new home page design will take care of that issue while giving our visitors an overview of the services and opportunities offered.

The slider at the top of the page adds interactivity while describing how Parcl works (be sure to click through the bullets to check out the slides). To show that we have an active community here at Parcl, we included a few random user reviews. Together with the service geography section, the reviews help visitors see where our shoppers are located and demonstrate Parcl’s global orientation.

Among other comments from first website visitors a few months ago there were questions on who the service might belong to. That’s why we set out to redesign the ‘About us’ page as well. Now our visitors can find more information about Parcl: how it started, our mission, values and achievements.

We believe that Parcl is a project that can help many people worldwide. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make Parcl better, please share your thoughts with us at, our Twitter page ( or our Facebook page ( Your feedback means a lot to us!
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