2016-04-04 14:37:08

Service Update: Quota mechanism improved

A couple of weeks ago we introduced the mechanism thanks to which shoppers would have a better understanding of the forwarders’ workload, while forwarders would get the extra motivation to keep order status up to date and to process orders faster. The day after we launched the new mechanism, we received a message from one of our forwarders. The idea suggested by the forwarder was to still give shoppers an opportunity to work with those forwarders whose package quotas are full. That sounded reasonable, because oftentimes after one successful delivery shoppers tend to choose the same forwarder for their new orders.

To implement this idea we needed a tool that would give forwarders an extra slot on top of their full quota. ‘Priority handling’, an additional service which shoppers can add to their orders, became this tool. Now if a shopper orders ‘Priority handling’, forwarders will be able to make an offer and process the shipment even if their package quota is full. Priority handling also means that the order must be processed ahead of non-priority orders. We believe many shoppers will find this update useful, since it will allow them to work with their favorite forwarders no matter how busy those might be. Meanwhile, forwarders will also benefit from this improvement, as they will be able to get an extra slot and earn more money. Hope you enjoy the change.

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