2016-05-06 06:18:19

Service Update: Shipping receipts can now be uploaded

No one is safe from having their package get lost en route. Unfortunately, some of our shoppers have experienced this unpleasant situation. You may ask ‘But can’t they just get insurance reimbursement on it?’ You are right. This would be the best solution if the package was insured, had a tracking number and if a copy of the shipping receipt was available. Some of the packages that got lost had none of the above: the selected shipping method did not include tracking and the package was shipped without insurance. Therefore, locating the package or proving its loss was next to impossible.


To help forwarders and shoppers be better prepared for any situation involving a lost package, we added the option that allows forwarders to upload a shipping receipt scan or photo. This is not mandatory, but may come in really handy to both parties. If a package is delayed and/or the original receipt is lost, the forwarder may use this copy at the shipping carrier’s office to try and trace the package, if a regular tracking number is unavailable. The shopper may also use the shipping receipt copy to contact the shipping service or the Customs office to try and locate the package. Usually, if no tracking was included, the recipient or sender can go to the shipping office with the receipt and request the package to be traced using the ‘from’ and ‘to’ addresses or other info from the receipt.    


We believe you will find this feature useful, but hope you don’t have to resort to it and all your packages safely make it to their destination. If you know other shipping lifehacks, please share your experience with us at, our Twitter page or our Facebook page. Your feedback means a lot to us!

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