2016-05-13 06:08:45

Service Update: Product page URL verification added

We love testing new features and so do Parcl users. We understand it when they post test requests just to check out how it works. But we really feel for the forwarders who receive daily email notifications and are very unlikely to feel happy about seeing a couple of requests for delivery from every time. Another thing that really inconveniences Parcl forwarders is seeing a link to the store’s main page instead of the product page. Such orders usually take longer to process and require more pre-purchase communication.         

To solve these two problems we have added a mechanism to verify the validity of each product page link shoppers provide when filling out the request form. When a user enters the URL of a website that’s on our ‘blacklist’, they are immediately notified of that. Notifications are also displayed when a link is specified for the store’s main page instead of the product page.   

The new feature is designed to minimize the number of test or incorrect requests and to help forwarders make delivery offers faster. If you experience any problems related to the new feature, please contact us at, our Twitter page or our Facebook page. Your feedback means a lot to us!

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