2016-05-18 05:54:20

Order Process Update: Insurance service added

Package forwarding is a whole world of its own, with its own peculiarities and rules. We’re exploring this world together with our users, whose feedback and experience guide us through this online adventure. Unfortunately, sometimes this experience is negative. There have been a few orders that could not be completed because of the package getting lost. In a situation like that only insurance could help shoppers get reimbursed for the goods cost and shipping expenses. However, in most of these cases forwarders did not insure the packages with the shipping carrier, simply because they were not asked to do so. After some attempts to retrieve the package shoppers started asking their forwarders to refund the money. That’s what has convinced us that insurance needs to be included as a separate service on the request submission form and be recommended to all shoppers.


Now shoppers may order insurance when requesting delivery at Parcl. If a delivery request includes insurance, the selected forwarder will need to insure the package with the shipping carrier. This will guarantee that if the package gets damaged or lost on its way to the shopper, they will be able to submit an insurance claim with the carrier instead of asking their forwarder to refund the money.


Forwarders may find the new service on the Additional services page. At the moment insurance is automatically added to every forwarder’s list of additional services offered, but if some forwarders decide not to provide it, they can uncheck the box next to this service.


We believe you will find the new feature useful, because shipping can be unpredictable with millions of packages processed by carriers every day. The reality is that some of those packages get lost or damaged, so getting protection against that is essential for international shipping.

If you’d like to share your package forwarding experience with us, please feel free to drop us a line at, on our Twitter page or our Facebook page. Remember: the more you share, the more you get!:)

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