2016-05-25 19:03:53

Parcl Website Update: We now have our own blog

Every day we find dozens of unique products around the globe and learn something new about international shipping and package forwarding. It’s not really fair that we’ve been keeping it all to ourselves, which is why we’re excited to announce that now Parcl has its own blog! We have a Tumblr page, but to have an on-site blog is something very special. We’re planning to regularly post product reviews, online shopping tips, shipping and package forwarding advice, and articles on other interesting topics. You’ll be able to share our blog posts on any social network you like, rate the articles and leave your comments.   

Hope you like what we’ve prepared for you! Don’t hesitate to share and comment on any blog post you find exciting (or controversial). If you know an interesting product, shop, or have another story to tell, contact us at, our Twitter page or our Facebook page. We’ll be happy to share your guest post!

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