2016-06-07 07:47:00

Parcl Website Update: We're becoming mobile-friendlier

These days responsiveness to mobile and tablet displays is essential for any website. It is even more crucial for websites that require person-to-person communication and interaction. Parcl is a unique solution that was designed to meet various needs of its users. However, due to the relative complexity of package forwarding as a community service the website was designed as a desktop-first solution. This limitation made it difficult to use for mobile users, which statistically accounted for more than 52% of all Internet users in 2015. This figure is expected to grow to 61.2 percent in 2018.


Our stats and ad campaign analysis showed that the website performed worse on mobile devices than it did on desktop computers, making it more difficult for both forwarders and shoppers to manage orders on the go. This has prompted us to put more effort into making Parcl mobile-friendlier. And the very first improvement we want to introduce is web page scaling to the user’s screen. Now when you access on your smartphone or tablet, you will see the pages full-width with vertical scroll only.


This is just the beginning of our journey to a more responsive design. We hope you stay with us to watch Parcl evolve and get better and more convenient for you! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve Parcl, please contact us at, our Twitter page or our Facebook page. We’ll be happy to share your guest post!

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