2016-07-29 14:31:45

Our Plans For The Nearest Future

Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection’, said Kim Collins once. This simple but wise statement describes our approach to Parcl better than any other quote. We are commited to constant service improvement, and the fact that hundreds of people join Parcl every week encourages us more than anything else in our development. At the moment we are working on some great features, which we believe will take our project to the next level. So here they are:


  • online shopping catalogue with hundreds of online stores worldwide;

  • API for shops designed to help online stores with limited shipping options expand their presence internationally;

  • improved delivery request form with the new fields;

  • ultimate guide with approximate weight of goods.


Excited? We are! Hope you will like what we’ve prepared for you! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make Parcl the best package forwarding service, share your thoughts with us at at, our Twitter page or our Facebook page. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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