2016-08-18 08:53:45

Service Update: Parcl community is growing bigger

Do you know what makes us enthusiastic about our project? First of all, it’s successfully delivered packages. Every day we wake up with the thought that someone far away has received a long-awaited package and has become a little bit happier. The second thing is our community growth. And it’s not only those who register at Parcl and order delivery or process packages. Our community is huge - we have a Facebook page that has 8000+ subscribers and grows bigger every day.


People who join us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and those who register on the Parcl website, receive information about exclusive deals and money-saving offers. What is more, they get to know about the unique and uncommon stores around the world. Most of us can’t even imagine how rich and wonderful the world of international shopping is! You may explore just a tiny part of this world by reading our blog articles.   


We appreciate your interest in Parcl and will do our best to meet your expectations. Please feel free to join us on our site, on Facebook or Twitter. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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