2016-09-09 07:33:15

Shopping Update: New iPhone finally here

iPhone 7. This combination of characters has a truly magical effect on people. Some may get excited and start trembling with anticipation, while others may start rolling their eyes and asking ‘What on Earth is so special about this smartphone?’ There are definitely some new cool features, as well as some features that experts and average users are sceptical about (check them out in our new blog post). Anyway, we are very happy that after months of rumors the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are here. Both smartphones will be available in the US starting September 13. If you can’t wait to get the new gadget, you may preorder it this Friday, September 9.


Parcl, as a package forwarding platform, is 150% ready for the iPhone 7 fever: 100+ trusted package forwarders in the US will help you join the iPhone 7 owners club (note that whilst Apple has a strict policy regarding the quantity of each gadget sold to one person, you may get as many iPhones as you want using different forwarding addresses for shopping, and by ordering the ‘Purchase assistance’ service).


We’re looking forward to helping you get your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus wherever you are. Don’t hesitate to create a delivery request at and be the first to get the new smartphone!

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