2016-09-22 06:17:37

Delivery Request Form Improved: Total Cost Alert Added

One of the reasons why forwarders refuse to make delivery offers is that the total cost of the items requested is too small. We noticed that forwarders were not very enthusiastic about shipping packages worth $30 or less. The reason behind this is that shipping costs vary from $17 to $60, which may make the delivery economically unreasonable if the items cost is too small. To give shoppers an understanding of forwarders’ preferences and help them create orders that will be accepted by forwarders, we added an alert that will be displayed to shoppers when the total price of the items in their order is below $30.


To make their delivery request more attractive to forwarders, shoppers will be offered to:

  • include a higher quantity of the items already in their order or

  • add more items from the same store’s website or

  • add items from other online stores.


We always encourage Parcl shoppers to shop in bulk, because the more items they purchase, the more they save on shipping. Bulk shopping is perfect for purchasing expendables, makeup, stationery, clothing like socks or underwear, etc.  

We believe this small improvement will help make our service more transparent and as a result there will be more successful deliveries. If you have any other ideas on how to improve Parcl, please share your thoughts with us at, on our Twitter page or our Facebook page.

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