2016-11-11 06:45:54

Order Processing Update: Purchase & Shipping Confirmation Pop-ups Improved

A proper tracking mechanism is extremely important when it comes to international shipping. This is the reason why a few months ago we integrated Parcl tracking with the Aftership solution, allowing us to track packages shipped by 360+ carriers worldwide. However, a few days ago we found two limitations that prevented us from correct tracking:


  1. Aftership mechanism requires specific tracking number format (without punctuation marks or spaces),

  2. Tracking number needs to be paired with the specific carrier it’s issued by for correct package tracing.


Tracking didn’t work when users entered tracking numbers with spaces, whole links instead of numbers or other irrelevant information. Also, when passed to Aftership some correct tracking numbers couldn’t be processed because carriers couldn’t be identified. Based on this information, we added two elements to the shipping confirmation pop-up.


Now, every time users confirm they purchased or shipped the order, they see an example of correct tracking number in the respective field. They are also offered to select the shipping company that’s handling the package to help Aftership process the tracking number.


These changes were deployed yesterday, so you can already try out the new mechanism. If you have any other ideas on how to improve Parcl, or you found that something doesn’t work the way it should, please share your thoughts with us at, on our Twitter page or our Facebook page.

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