2016-01-04 20:30:57

User Account Update: To-Do List Added

The new to-do list, placed in the right-side portion of the user account dashboard, was created to:


  • guide new users through order processing steps;

  • help forwarders who have a lot of orders in processing to manage those orders and stay in control.


Both shoppers and forwarders registered at Parcl have their own to-do lists. Order reminders appear whenever there is action required of the user. For example, when a shopper has created a delivery request, but hasn’t selected a forwarder, they’ll be reminded to go to the forwarder search and send their request to matching forwarders.

We believe this improvement will help users better manage order processing and ensure faster order completion. If you feel like sharing some thoughts about Parcl or ideas on how to improve our service, please contact us at, our Twitter page or our Facebook page.

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