2017-01-20 06:08:14

Parcl Website Update: Shopping Calendar Added

When do you usually shop? Do you plan your shopping in advance or shop impulsively? You’ll be surprised, but careful planning of your online shopping routine can help you save up to 50-70% on your purchases! Just think about it: in February you’ll be looking for a St.Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, in April your Mom is celebrating her birthday, in July your best friend is getting married. Apart from that you need to purchase some expendables for your hobby, books, seasonal clothing and makeup. If you purchase all gifts and items for your personal use as the need arises, you may overpay quite a bit. Rather than placing occasional online orders, you could find out when the stores are having big sales and purchase the items you need in bulk, taking advantage of the discounts.


To help you stay up-to-date on current and upcoming holidays worldwide and plan your shopping ahead, we designed our International Shopping Calendar. Subscribe to calendar alerts or simply use the web version to plan your purchases throughout the year and save both time and money on shopping.


Hope you like our new website addition. If you have thoughts about Parcl you’d like to share with us, or ideas on how to make our service more useful, please contact us at, our Twitter page or our Facebook page.

P.S. Are you already thinking of a St.Valentine’s Day gift for the special person in your life? The holiday will be here in no time! :)

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