2017-02-09 08:30:46

Parcl Website Update: Recommended Products Page Redesigned

If you follow our regular updates, you probably know that a few weeks ago we added a Recommended products section to our website. Every week, we add new unique, unusual, peculiar, and simply awesome products to the list. The products are so great that we decided to redesign the page, and we simply love the result.


Now product images are larger, the information is better structured, and the products are shareable. Yay! Compared to the original Recommended Products page design, the new page looks more appealing, up-to-date, and worth sharing with everyone you can think of.


Here at Parcl we’re really happy with the new design of the Recommended Products page. How about you? Do you like it? Please share your thoughts about it with us at or via our Twitter page or our Facebook page.

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